The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project has been in operation since 2005. The concept was conceived by YMCA Victoria and a group of 33 of Leadership Victoria's Williamson Community Leadership Program graduates in 2005. Its purpose is to reconnect young offenders with community through provision of support in the form of training, a work buddy and a job.

UltraFeedback was introduced to the Bridge Project in 2008. Eager to support the project, we looked for alternative ways to provide sponsorship to the Project and offered our research services pro bono. Our research is now a key element in evaluating the Project and measuring its indicators for success.

Recently the UltraFeedback team attended Bridge Project Breakfast. It was a wonderful opportunity to join other business leaders to celebrate the success of the Project.  Results from our breakfast evaluation showed we were not alone. Over 85% of those that attended this year would like to attend the breakfast next year, with 80% wanting to continue to support the Bridge Project in various ways over the next 12 months.

"An excellent initiative & program and one that I would like to expand my contribution to." - Breakfast attendee

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Malthouse's number one draft picks - The UltraFeedback team with Collingwood's Mick Malthouse and the Bridge Project's Sherilyn Hanson

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For more information about the Bridge Project and ways your business can support please visit the Bridge Project's website