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A track record of success

Hermes is Hermes _Exampleour own proprietary, completely-owned online survey management software. First designed in the early 2000s, it has been under continual support and development by the company ever since. From humble beginnings, the system has grown seamlessly to support dozens of clients and a full-time staff of twenty. Available from anywhere in the world, any time of the year, for InsyncSurvey staff to securely access and build and review surveys, it gives UltraFeedback unparallelled capability to support your research needs.

With over three million respondent accounts, a thousand successful research studies and almost 65 million individual survey question answers, Hermes has proven its value as a data collection platform. Unlike other online survey tools, Hermes was built from the ground up to combine survey collection, data analysis and reporting within a single interface and tool.

In 2008, we undertook a comprehensive review of online-enabled survey software packages from the largest vendors. The result of this review was that Hermes was still as good as or better than its competitors for UltraFeedback's needs.

PreventionDiabetes _Example of Type 2 Diabetes program online data capture tool. AGPN's national diabetes prevention program commenced, with funding from COAG, in 2009. We were pleased to provide services to design and develop the online data capture tool to support the program. This online tool securely captures, stores and reports on clinical details of program participants across Australia through the duration of their clinical program. This web-enabled application also reports on outcomes, records expected financial liabilities and invoices, and provides analysis on outcomes.

The AGPN Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes closed in May 2012.

AGPN Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes program

Rapid Pdsa _examplePDSA - a tool offered at no cost to our valued clients, this application supports organisations in their planning and documentation requirements for quality improvement projects using the well-regarded Rapid PDSA methodology.

Rapid PDSA

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