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Tom Holman
Special Project Consultant, Health

Tom Holman joined Insync Surveys in 2013 when Insync Surveys acquired UltraFeedback.

Tom is one of our primary customer research specialists with over 30 years' experience in this area. He is driven by a passion for service and a deep interest in research. He brings a strong people-centric scientific approach to all of his projects.

Tom also has a background in science education and service improvement. Prior to launching into research, he was a teacher at Melbourne Zoo, a biological science curriculum developer and a commercial line manager.

Tom is a member of ESOMAR, the leading global research professional association and the Australian equivalent, AMSRS as well as the Australiasian Evaluation Society. He is the immediate-past honorary treasurer of the Australian Institute of Biology. Tom is keenly involved in conservation, particularly in his support of primate habitat protection. This passion has led to his work with Earthwatch. Tom's versatility within the realms of research is echoed in his interests outside of work including snowboarding, scuba diving, basketball and rural property management.

Tom's main projects include: government, patient and carer satisfaction, experience and outcome monitors (e.g. VPSM, Palliative Care, ACT Health consumer satisfaction, healthdirect); global medical technology and pharmaceutical market research; consumer-centred health studies.

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Tom Holman (01)

Special Projects Consultant, Health

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