Healthy Australia

Healthy Australia began with the realisation that people's evaluation of the healthcare services they consume is affected by their health and their attitudes to their health.

The first Healthy Australia survey was launched online in August 2007.  Completed by over 9,000 Australians, Healthy Australia 2007 sought to understand how Australian's health and attitudes to their health affected their use and evaluation of a wide range of healthcare services.

Analysis of the results of Healthy Australia 2007 saw the birth of HEALTHimals, a set of eight health personalities based on:

  • Vitality - feeling healthy and having enough energy
  • Control - wanting to be healthy and actively trying to prevent illness
  • Inquisitiveness - seeking out health information and feeling confident when using it

HEALTHimals™ were introduced to the world in Montreal in October 2008 where a paper describing their development was accepted at the ESOMAR World Congress.

Since then, Healthy Australia has grown to become an ongoing research program that is conducted every year.  Its purpose has also grown.

Healthy Australia seeks to understand how Australian's health and attitudes to health affect their health behaviours (e.g. smoking, diet and exercise) as well as their use of health services (such as pharmacists and general practitioners) and information sources.

Healthy Australia also provides an opportunity for UltraFeedback to stay abreast of Australian's views of health issues and health reform.

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