The MTAA and MEDEC Market Barometers

The MTAA and MEDEC Market Barometers are important medical industry research tools. We collect sales data on a confidential basis from the top 20 MTAA/MEDEC companies. This data is based around the existing categories of sales by product category, outlet category and by State. This information forms an important foundation of our understanding of the Australian and Canadian Medical Industries.

The Market Barometer Survey is managed online by Insync Surveys incorporating UltraFeedback. Participating companies submit their data via an online survey on a quarterly basis. Survey results are published via the MTAA and MEDEC websites. Insync Surveys has guaranteed that no individual company will be identified in the results and no "on selling" of data will occur.

The MTAA and the MEDEC have received a clear endorsement of support from participating companies and welcome all members to take advantage of this service and information support.

Name: MTAA MBOS - Medical Technology Association of Australia - Market Barometer Online Survey

Purpose: An indication (barometer) of the Medical Technology industry in Australia showing aggregated quarterly revenue of the Top 20 MTAA Companies. It has been run since 2002.

Participants: 20 Top MTAA Companies

Scope of Questions:

  • Quarterly Revenue by Product Category (Consumables vs Equipment vs Service)
  • Quarterly Revenue by Channel (Public Hospital, Private Hospital, Other Professional, Retail, Other)
  • Quarterly Revenue by State
  • Sales vs Budget (over budget/on budget/under budget)