Patient Satisfaction Survey


Insync Surveys' Patient Satisfaction Instrument (PSI) was developed in Australia for Australian general practices. Development involved:

  • Careful consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders including patients, practice staff (practice managers, practice nurses and general practitioners) and key personnel from the organisations that represent them (e.g. RACGP, AGPN, AAPM, APNA and CHF).
  • Repeated pilot testing, analysis and refinement of:
    • The Survey (ensuring validity, reliability and specificity)
    • The Methodology (ensuring that it was easy for busy practice staff)
    • The Report (ensuring that it was useful to practices wishing to improve their practice)

The third version of PSI (denoted as PSIv3) was developed in close consultation with the RACGP and was endorsed by their National Expert Committee Standards for General Practice in August 2009.

PSIv4 was then refined to meet the requirements of the RACGP's 4th Edition Standards and approved by the Colleges Patient Feedback Advisory Committee (PFAC) in May 2011.

Following the revision of the RACGP's Patient Feedback Guide in September 2012, PSIv5 has now been further refined and approved by PFAC in December 2012.


PSIv5 incorporates the wealth of feedback provided by practices that completed PSIv4. Refinements include:

  1. An 25% reduction in the length of the survey
  2. A 25% to 35% reduction in the cost of the survey (depending on the size of the practice)
  3. A simplification of the summary report by reducing the number of summary scores from 15 to 8
  4. Integration with the Medicare Locals (ML) User Survey so that ML patient feedback requirements can also be met using PSIv5

PSI Enquiry

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