Safety Climate Survey

A hospital staff survey for measuring safety climate

The Safety Climate Survey has been designed and tested for Australian hospitals from the validated SAQ instruments to measure the safety climate within Australian healthcare organisations. It will provide you with feedback of your hospital's safety climate as viewed by your people across 6 key areas:

1. The teamwork climate
2. Job satisfaction
3. The safety climate
4. Perceptions of management
5. Stress recognition
6. Work conditions

The Safety Climate Survey was developed for Australian hospitals in consultation with the VMIA and Quality Council. It also:

  • Is designed to identify internal issues that may require improvement
  • Provides direction for action plans to help improve quality of patient care
  • Supports a conscious culture of safety whereby actions are taken to reduce risks and potential harm to patients
  • Reduces the time required by your busy staff to administer such a program
  • Enables testing of initatives and innovations

Insync has been providing research services to the healthcare industry for well over a decade. Experienced in providing tailored research services and valuable insights into sectors such as hospital, pharmacy, ED, surgical, procurement and a wide variety of specialist areas, we are a prominent research provider to the healthcare. Working with the VMIA and Quality Council we are proud to offer the Safety Climate Survey with a variety of options:

Our managed program:

  • An online survey with secure access
  • Management of email invitations and reminders
  • Provision of survey enquiry line
  • Analysis and hardcopy report
  • Full on-line reporting to allow additional cross referencing
  • Additional options are also available

Assisted program:

  • Data management and analysis
  • Preparation of tailored reports with benchmarking


For more information on how to minimise patient harm in the hospital environment, email one of our Safety Climate Consultants at or contact us on (03) 9909 9209.