Qualitative Research

Insync is continually taking steps to further develop and maintain innovative qualitative research methods.

Understanding human behaviour and the drivers of behaviours is a challenge. Our qualitative research methods have been developed by experienced, in-house experts and specialist consultants in the field, to reliably explore the why and how behind decision-making.

Face-to-face interviews

This method of data collection allows for in-depth information and can be highly personalised. Being able to have the researcher and interviewee face to face allows for much more information to be communicated. Communication can go beyond just the verbal expressions, with facial expressions and body language all helping to convey what the other party means. Our highly-trained and respected professional interviewers use a gentle approach to facilitate dialogue between our clients and their employees and customers. At all points during the research process we aim to create a positive receptive environment, to gain intelligence for potential development.

Focus groups

Group based research can be a cost effective way to gather information to help inform intelligent business decisions. Our focus group moderators are trained professionals used to running multiple sessions and dealing with different personalities and group dynamics. They are experts at getting people to open up to discussion, keeping them on the topic and inhibiting dominators in order to bring out people not participating. Our researchers guarantee that your information is collated, interpreted and converted into business recommendations for management action.

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews can be a cost effective way collecting in-depth information quickly and limit geographic restrictions.