Quantitative Research

Whether you want to survey your customers, potential customers, a segment of the market, employees or conduct benchmarking studies, we will work with you to design a quality survey that meets your needs.

Our team of talented research professionals are experts in data collection and translating the data in a meaningful way to help improve your business. The technology supporting the online surveys is not only robust, but reliable and available for you to access 24/7.

When designing a quality survey we work hard to make our surveys accessible by all through the availability of multiple languages; access to TTY services for the hearing impaired; and designs meeting Vision Australia's vision impaired guidelines.

Online Survey and Reporting

The web is a practical, flexible, fast, accurate, efficient and cost effective way of gathering data, we've been using it for research since 1999. Respondents can be emailed an invitation and provided with a URL to click on to complete the survey online. We also invite respondents to participate in others ways; letter, postcard, text message, kiosk and directly online.

Dynamic online reporting provides you with the convenience of viewing, analysing and comparing instant up to date data when it suits you, without compromising the anonymity of respondents. You can be on the snow fields in New Zealand and look at the results of a Beijing based surgeon who completed the survey online in Chinese seconds before. Or you could be waiting at Heathrow airport looking at your employee satisfaction results for your Australian team.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews can be an effective way collecting information quickly and limits restrictions for those with disabilities and geographic restrictions.  Our large team are highly trained to gain a positive receptive response.


In some situations a mail may be a more appropriate form of data collection. Mail surveys can be effective for large groups, are controlled and enable comprehensive questionnaires to be used.

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