Research Collaboration

SGA - Unlocking Consumer Values

UltraFeedback was engaged as an independent research firm, to conduct quantitative surveys of over 2000 customers across Australia to determine the relative priority of the drivers of their behaviour as it relates to smart grid technologies and energy consumption behaviours to test key hypotheses.

Please click here for the SGA Report

Articles related to this research can also be found at Herald Sun and Climate Spectator

Water - Needs and Values

The aim of the Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) customer needs and values research project was to provide insight into the needs and values of customers in relation to water services.

UltraFeedback was engaged by Accenture to undertake the customer research to achieve the following objectives:

  • Determine the values and needs of customers in regards to water services
  • Determine the direct and indirect value and impacts that IWN may have on customers
  • Develop value propositions of IWN on customer groups
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in IWN product/service design
  • Identify potential barriers to adoption of IWN

The research demonstrated that customers have different needs and values - in other words, there is no 'average' customer. Key insights and outcomes from the research are summarised below. It should be noted that some of the findings are varied, highlighting the many differences between customers.

For further information in regards to this research please go to the Smart Water Fund site